ImageIt is so strange how people change, their thoughts and motives.  A girl I knew in high school came into my Starbucks last night and was really intoxicated.  Before last night I had seen her one time a few months ago, but I had not seen her for years before that.  The first time she looked so drained and she was slurring her words, her face looked pale and drawn.  Last night her hair was done, she had color in her face, she honestly looked really beautiful.  Then you looked closer and there were little raw patches all over her arms, hands, and face.  Her mouth was really dry, she was talking quickly and seemed unbalanced.  It’s so sad how life changes. Honestly I was the bratty know-it-all freshman and her and my friend were the cool Juniors.   Everything they did I would criticize.  It was just strange to see her so lost.  I went home and told my fiancé about it and he said, really sympathetically, “You kind of make your own bed, you know?” But what if the person did not realize the extremely comfortable bed she could have had.  I wish she knew how beautiful she is and what an incredible leader she could be.

Last year I got a parking ticket for being parked ten minutes longer than I paid for.  I went home and told my dad and instead of yelling at me he said, “I was initially mad.  Then I thought of all the things that you could be doing, and if the worst trouble you have gotten into is a parking ticket then I can pay for it.” I was obviously grateful, but I also kind of laughed thinking, “what on earth could be we doing?  We were homeschooled.”  That was such a naive thought.  Just because I do not struggle does not mean that others do not either.

A few months ago a friend messaged me on Facebook asking me to pray for her (The friend that came in last night) because she was dying in the hospital for drug abuse.  I will not stop praying for her.  I honestly hope she discovers what her life could be like before it is too late.  I truly believe that God can do that.  She just has to be willing to change, sadly it does not look that way.


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