Be s t i l l


       It is amazing how one decision can completely change a person’s life.  Decisions are deceiving.  I think the real dilemma is whether or not a person wants to stay in their complacent comfort zone, or if they are willing to take chances.  Both options have pros and cons.  They are beautiful and difficult at the same time.   I guess that is with everything though.  I pray that the right choice is made for me and my family.  Even though I hate making choices, some of the best things have come out of taking a stand on what I feel is best.  It is frightening though.  Dennis Waitley wrote this:  There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist or accept responsibility for changing them.  I have made a few choices that I cringe to think of, but then I remember why I did them and I have peace.


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