November ♦

ea41b193d488994477946e32a343e924      A new month.  Today we are picking out invitations for the wedding.  Of all of the details about the wedding, the invitations are on the bottom of my priority list.  But they must be done!  Weddings are stressful.  No one told me this!  In essence it is kind of silly.  I have literally spent the last YEAR deciding my colors, hair, bridesmaids, decorations, and cake.  I have agonized over so many details and really it is a 6-7 hour party.  A little silly if you think about it.  Not to mention the amount of money!  I am so ridiculously excited though. What is the point of life and money if you don’t make wonderful memories?  Isn’t that what life is about?  I am so excited to marry Josh that I would elope tomorrow if we could.  I just wanted everyone who wanted to be there, there.  Many people are coming and I just need to constantly remind myself that whatever happens, happens and it will all be perfect because all that really matters is that I am marrying my best friend.


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