Let it go


My name is Briana I am 21 years old, my friends call me Bri.  I am engaged to an incredible man named Josh, he will be 25 on November 3rd.  We are getting married on January 5th and I cannot wait!  I have a beautiful sister named Shannon who is 20.  When we were younger we did not look related at all, but now we are often mistaken as twins.  I secretly love when people think that, because I think she is gorgeous.  I have two older sisters, Kelly and Amy, and an older brother named Greg.  I have some incredible friends that will be introduced along the way. I love them more than they probably know.

I titled my blog Souffler because it means to b r e a t h e, something I seriously need to learn to do.  I may have been called a “control freak” once or twice in my life.  Ok, maybe a lot.  I definitely inherited this trait from my mother, and she knows it.  The bossiness is not my only problem, I also have my father’s temper.  This combination annoys my sister and finance to no end.  All that to say, I am continuously trying to step back from these episodes and ask myself if the situation is something to go on a rampage over, or if I can simply  l e t  i t  g o.  My older sister Amy is my role model in this area.  Last time I was at her house she interrupted me, because I was interrupting Josh, and told me that I need to; let stories be told the wrong way, not interrupt people and really listen to them when they talk instead of thinking of my response before people finish their sentences.  It really hurt my pride and I definitely cried about it later, but her words were so true.  I cannot imagine how irritating it must be to try to tell a story knowing that it will be interrupted.  Anyway, working on that.

I am not an English major.  I just like to write my thoughts because it helps me understand myself better.  I love Jesus Christ.  I love to sing.  I’m not coordinated.  I make a mess everywhere I go.  I love coffee and tea.  I love to read.  I love my fiancé.  My sister is my best friend.  I am realizing that life is not perfect and I am slowly becoming ok with it.  Welcome to this new chapter of my life.  Love, Bri


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